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Intensive Automatic Driving Courses & Lessons in Blackpool

We provide both manual and automatic crash driving courses and do not charge extra to learn in an automatic.

Automatic driving course

If you have tried driving a manual car but have found it difficult to co-ordinate the clutch and gears whilst trying to do everything else you need to, then the crash course lessons we offer in an automatic car, may well be the best answer to your prayers. The test will be exactly the same but you will have no clutch or gears to worry about and the best bit is you can’t stall an automatic car!!

If you take your test in an automatic car, then you will only be allowed to drive a manual car with L plates until you pass in a manual. However since most vehicles are available with an auto gearbox there is no shortage of new or second hand automatic cars.

If you have not already got a car or have an automatic car in the household then taking a crash driving course in an automatic would seem a sensible option because all our crash courses are designed to make you road ready within the shortest period of time.

Automatic intensive driving course prices

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